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Mobile Vaccination Drive For Rural India

Many countries around the world are coming out of the grips of COVID slowly. The major cause for the recovery is attributed to the vaccination drive that those countries were able to undertake.
Global Grace Health is joining hands with GRACE Cancer Foundation in supporting the Vaccination project and conducting screening where needed, with the hope of stopping the pandemic and reducing its clutches on mankind.
GRACE Cancer Foundation has vast experience of going into the villages and towns to get Cancer screening tests in both Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Chattisgarh states in India. With this proven experience GRACE Cancer Foundation is working with the authorities to administer vaccines in different states in India.

Sponsoring Opportunities

Sponsor 25 doses:$500
Sponsor 50 doses:$1,000
Sponsor 100 doses:$2,000
Sponsor 200 doses:$4,000


  • This includes cost of Vaccine, Cold Storage, Distribution logistics, and Vaccinating at convenient neighborhood locations in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as vaccine supplies are available.
  • Location maps/routes and the schedule will be shared.
  • 2nd dose will be at the similar amount. People must come back to take the second dose at the specified places, dates, and times.

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